Si mama, madaling-arawGone and away,Nagluluto, naglilinis–With ink hair leavingNangangaligkig ang mgaMarks on the bed, andKamay, buto, karne;Clogging the drain.Baboy daw ang ulam!She drips her …

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Wolf (or is it a crocodile) crossing the bottom endof the page, moving from left to right.It has freshly stepped in, hesitant, one could …

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Reluctancy of Devotion

Up to your neckin beingco-optedadaptedinspecteddisinfectedsuspectedejectedwritten offinto the void.There is reluctancyof devotion,never the right partto begin with.Best years of your lifespent trying to beencompassedinto the …

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We count headstones like this:Hankey, Hankey, Brown.Children chant games and tear through the woodsat dusk, circling up, taking turns poking a dead birdwith a …

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A hospital nurse died alone in this housea century ago.She smoked cigarettes on the staircase,stained carpet with ash. I assume she misses admiring amberstreetlights …

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Two Photographs

cleome-morraCleomé Morra (they/them) is a pseudonym for a photographer who wishes to remain anonymous. They’ve been making photographs since 1980.