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Damon Hubbs

Damon Hubbs (he/him) is interested in microgreens, futurism, mansard roofs, prog rock and vintage ceramic pie birds. His poetry has recently appeared in Book of Matches, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Synchronized Chaos, Don't Submit!, Bruiser, The Beatnik Cowboy, Tigershark, and Horror Sleaze Trash. & he has work forthcoming in Otoliths, Streetcake and Roi Fainéant Press. Damon lives in New England.

Plastic Bats

  • Damon Hubbs 
  • 1 min read

=====so as not to miss the BIG SHOW eagerly we streamed into the Ministry of SpaceGuildsto sign our futures on line segments of unequal length where concepts of less/greater and equal don’t apply to infinite things. our signatures secured our position as waste colonialism, window seat, a payload programed to hurtle gradatim ferociter towards a new class of exoplanets in

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