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Double Madness

Anger lives in my right eye
Anger carries a straight razor
And ‘trains Pitt Bulls
The left eye weeps on Fridays
Is vegan and recycles shit
I sense the glint of crossed blades
Listen with mutilated run away ears
As the wind frisks me
Searching for smuggled logic
Interrogates my trash
For signs of reason
The blues and my shadow are friends
They stand in for each other
I get blue when I can’t find my shadow
But, my shadow often wears a disguise
$495 billion spent for cosmetics
But only a pittance donated for a cancer cure
The mortuary will apply the blush
For another of life’s illusions
Reality is on television
And if you have Wi- Fi
You can buy a new life
Without leaving home
Citizens in another county
Will read your emails
And determine who you want to be
Enter your card number and the world
Will vouch for a bio and career of your choice
Shipping is free
Revolution and art jousting with anarchy and convention
Sterile extermination in each endgame
Would you rather be rich or famous?
Crazy or stupid
Questions with no answers
Deemed low class and required to swallow hollow ideas
And pretend to see gravitas
Where there is none
The demons of want and the monsters of need
Blind us to those buried in mass graves
As they sip cocktails poured from caldrons
Stirred with human bones
We are pentatonic axe people
Our every word a music lesson
Dual souls as absurd as manumission papers

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