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Susie Fryer Cohen

Susie Fryer-Cohen's (she/her) earliest expressions consisted of poetry and visual art, which naturally progressed into the study of Art, Art History, Indian Philosophy, Religion, Yoga, and Women and Human studies. As the journey continued, Susie honed deeply into Plant Medicine, Body Therapies, Intuitive studies, and Astrology. She currently practices as a Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Astrologer, Visual Artist, and Poet. Mother to two extraordinary daughters, Susie is an animal and plant listener. With this comes a deep reverence for plants and animals as a prescribed link to the rekindling of a healthy humanity.

XII – Hanged One

We suspended the body Asked the snake to take the reigns Tied the Kundalini to the feet Took to the posture of hanging in space Surrendered – we died, a voluntary pulse The kind that dissolves us, into primal processes The moon spoke with a tune to awaken the ritual The lungs began to empty, crafting space Allowing control to

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