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Marianne Tefft

Marianne Tefft (she/her) is a poet and lyricist who daylights as a Montessori teacher in Sint Maarten. Her work appears in journals and anthologies in the U.S., Canada, India, Serbia, and Sint Maarten, and on Facebook. She reads her work on her YouTube channel. She is the author of the poetry collections Full Moon Fire: Spoken Songs of Love (Tellwell Talent, 2022) and Moonchild: Poems for Moon Lovers (coming in December 2022).


Back in school I learnedPerspective was something for art classStraight edges and connecting linesTo find a vanishing pointNow I am old enough to know betterI don’t know where the lines are any moreUntil I step over them or someone doesAnd it turns out there is an out of boundsIn a game I didn’t know was being playedAnd I was the

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