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Robert Earl Price

Robert Earl Price (us/we) is an African American screenwriter, playwright, and poet. He is a recipient of the American Film Institute's William Wyler award for screenwriting, an NEA fellowship for poetry, a Cultural Olympics commission for theater, and a Maryland Individual Artist Award. He is a protégée of Oscar recipient Jan Kadar, Emmy and Pulitzer awardee Alex Haley. Price is the author of five books of poetry and has had twelve plays produced in American regional theaters and abroad in Berlin and Johannesburg

State of the Union

The President is unethical,The congress is thin on backboneBereft of complex thought.Ignorant, demented white menArmed weekend patriots.Armed black menDead first strapped later.I went online seeking factsThat matched my ownOf course, I was right.Looking people in the eyeHas become an intrusionWhile our thumbs grow powerfulOur necks bendAs we disappear into the palm of our hands

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Double Madness

Anger lives in my right eyeAnger carries a straight razorAnd ‘trains Pitt BullsThe left eye weeps on FridaysIs vegan and recycles shitI sense the glint of crossed bladesListen with mutilated run away earsAs the wind frisks meSearching for smuggled logicInterrogates my trashFor signs of reasonThe blues and my shadow are friendsThey stand in for each otherI get blue when I

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