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She reminds me of geraniums, red bleeds into pink…

An Answer

The cellar
of my past

like a bundle…

Poisons and Medicines

During rituals of divination,
Mayan sorcerers and healers
induced risky hallucinations
with Brugmansia candida,
angel’s trumpet. The poison…

Puffed Up

From wax, Leonardo
formed a doughy mass,
and when it softened,
he shaped it into
delicate animals
filled with air…

The Baby

what’ll it eat?  reindeer
lead you to sleepless summer nights,
the forest soon generating enough milk & meat
to begin breeding rich allergies
to hay & cities…


You put unbaited worms back alive after fishing,
reverse robin, pinky like bird‘s beak
into dirt, to give them a head start…

In Bed, Learning About Bed Bugs

A little beetle, black and white, walks by on fitted bedsheet
as I wake up from my nap,
my lonely lover cuddlebug against my back…

Moving Day

From this moment on, you will love the act of moving. Leaving a place. Letting go…