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Bear in a Bowtie

One day, I decided that all my stuffed animals needed names and I would start alphabetically with my closest companion. This resolution came to mind while waiting for my parents to check out at the nursery. I saw “Amy” written in glittery red paint on a silver Christmas ornament and decided it was the perfect name for my little white

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The boy from across the street is slamming your head into the pavement, red bicycle abandoned on the sidewalk. You taste copper in your mouth, like suckling on nickels. There is something on the tip of his tongue; it is eating him alive. It is eating you. He hits you and you shield your head; it is the only thing

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My Body Remembers

My body remembers pain. It’s like a prison locking me inside. My left eye jumps with nervous tension. The right eye wants no part and jerks away. My forehead welcomes my hand, smoothing the creases, leaning on my warm fingers for comfort. My body remembers comfort. Slow-motion resources bring me to ease. Walking along the beach on a warm sunny

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Puffed Up

From wax, Leonardo
formed a doughy mass,
and when it softened,
he shaped it into
delicate animals
filled with air…

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The Baby

what’ll it eat?  reindeer
lead you to sleepless summer nights,
the forest soon generating enough milk & meat
to begin breeding rich allergies
to hay & cities…

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You put unbaited worms back alive after fishing,
reverse robin, pinky like bird‘s beak
into dirt, to give them a head start…

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