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Homophobic Chicken

I hate them so much,
Why can’t I stop eating their food?
It is not normal for chicken to taste this good
With each bite I take,
The chicken whispers to me
homophobic slurs,
places to be cured,
where it says in the Bible that I am wrong.

The food was not made with love,
But with hate
That’s their secret
They expect to push me away from what I am
With their spiteful cooking techniques,
I should be made right
But they are wrong.

I continue to return with the intention to eat
Never believe what the chicken whispers
It is homophobic
The bird was beheaded and still runs in circles,
Proclaiming that being gay is a sin

Do not eat the chicken if you could be swayed by it’s ill-intentions
Eat the homophobic chicken in order to prevent someone else from hearing what it murmurs
Save the malleable, queer souls, by eating the chicken
So they do not have to hear what the food says behind his back

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