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Mona Mehas

Mona Mehas (she/her) writes about growing up poor, accumulating grief, and the climate from the perspective of a retired, disabled teacher in Indiana, USA. Her work has been published in over forty journals, anthologies, and online museums. Mona is a Trekkie and enjoys watching Star Trek shows and movies in chronological order. Her pamphlet, ‘Questions I Didn’t Know I’d Asked,’ is available from LJMcD Communications. Follow on Twitter @Patienc77732097 and

My Body Remembers

My body remembers pain. It’s like a prison locking me inside. My left eye jumps with nervous tension. The right eye wants no part and jerks away. My forehead welcomes my hand, smoothing the creases, leaning on my warm fingers for comfort. My body remembers comfort. Slow-motion resources bring me to ease. Walking along the beach on a warm sunny

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  • Mona Mehas 
  • 1 min read

I miss your structure, your repeating lineHave you left me forever? Will I runLike a wild dog on fleet feet, yellow eyesTerror-filled, intelligent, all-knowing? Longing to count your mislaid syllablesI miss your structure, your repeating lineFreedom enclosed, the cage left open, youElude me like dreams before the ink dries. Blossoms open my throat, my mind; expandMy true vision, uncover my

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