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Charm Chandler

Charm Chandler (he/it) is a graphomaniac from the Sunset Reality. He is the author of two nameless short stories, the both of which can be (un)found in Fleas on the Dog and The Collidescope. His poetic work can be found in Vita Poetica and underneath a different pseudonym (he does not encourage you to find it), Poetic Sun. When he is not writing, he is perpetually confused.

Perceiving the Sunset Skin

It’s here. What is? Ah, yes! My seeing, hearing, and speaking; or well, the eye of my I, the here of my ears, and the drouth of my mouth. Of course, what I mean is the body, mind, heart, and soul of my body. He appears on a beach of deep violet sands, where underneath, he walks above the softly

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The Melancholy of the Sunset Overdrive

So that the Earthian skies are simply more than distance away from this grounded body, I feel the need to have my physical form consumed by evening light, so that such six o’clock radiance may decorate my tropical skin with slants of gorgeous sunset hues. And let me, in turn, use those vague and far-off colors as a new identity

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