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Dave Shortt

Dave Shortt is a long-time writer from the USA whose earliest work can be found in the print journals Salamander (Brookline MA), Nexus (Dayton OH), Mesechabe (New Orleans), Bullhead (Ashland KY), Sulfur (Ypsilanti MI), Nedge (Providence), all but the first two now defunct; and on the internet archived at Astropoetica, Muse Apprentice Guild, and Ygdrasil.

The Double

  • Dave Shortt 
  • 3 min read

non-Euclidean beings, evolved from 2-D where one slides along, to where the 2 becomes a topology of karma, inescapably tight-bound around whatever evolving slightness, whatever hinted-at mystery, a projected felt space (intermingled with flesh) of feedings & feedbacks, of social & antisocial, of nano-synapses experimenting with surrender & freedom (drowning out dialectical cries), of organic immersion in regeneration & decay,

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The Baby

what’ll it eat?  reindeer
lead you to sleepless summer nights,
the forest soon generating enough milk & meat
to begin breeding rich allergies
to hay & cities…

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