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Nicholas Michael Ravnikar

Nicholas Michael Ravnikar makes poems, plays, paintings, kids books for grownups and other multimedia excursions. He edits and hosts Paper Knives. A recovering alcoholic-addict who lives with Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD and persistent depression, he’s quit nearly every job he’s had, from dishwasher to college professor to bathtub repairman, but he managed to earn an MFA from the Kerouac School at Naropa University.

Three Poems

ARACHNID A Naiad ran an acaciaranch in a candid cardiacad. An anarchic arch-cad, Ihid rind in hard china chain.Acid rain char’d cicada. I add: nadir + nadir.I ran an air raid radar — a cinch.Chic hair and hard chin, a Rich Dadcan cancan an archaic aria rancid. SEASHORE As a hero shears a horse’s ass, erehe hear assessors erase a

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