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Nightfall in a Fenced Arcadia

Gliding through the half-dark, this preternatural humidity caresses my skin like an unseen lover. I am the moth’s muffled flight through twilight, borne by the hum and whir of bicycle wheels. I’m seeking the moon — or hoping it finds me. Jagged teeth of buildings gnash against the skyline.  This city — lock-jawed in lockdown, holding me hostage for months, clamped tight on us all — finally

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& Still Your Indian Paintbrush Mouth

& still my heart clenched / in her tight little fist. / & still / your kaleidoscope irises / imprinted / into my chewed bubblegum core. / & still rose petal blind. & still stitched / to that yellow mattress. & / still. / & still / a coal mine throat / stolen canary. / & still the moon. /

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By sheer coincidence, our five-year anniversary happened to fall on the longest day of the year. Neither of us were particularly superstitious nor into astrology, but the summer solstice was said to bring forth luck, which we considered a good omen and yet another reason to go big on celebrations…

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The painting connected with the current war in Palestine represents an embrace of lands and peoples (with reference in particular to Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions). In the work two figures stand out, as if taking shape from the earth from which they originate to unite in a fraternal embrace. The artwork emphasizes the importance of a message of peace in the current historical moment.

Embrace of Lands and People

Painting carried out in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and inspired by the first peace treaty in history. The agreement established the respective spheres of influence between the Egyptians and Hittites after the Battle of Qadeš (1274 BC). The painting depicts two figures (one Semitic, the other Jewish) who embody two lands, two different cultures and religious traditions in the

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Can I live with the denial of your love?
Patches from codices of parchment, a rich repository of my love.
Today, thy hands committed libricide
and I wonder why these thoughts won’t just go away
— my taboo love or this taboo act?

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and so on

i. You ask me how I’m doing and we both know there’s no way I’d ever answer that without lying. You say love isn’t made for people like us— we’re too rational for it. I tell you that I’m a secluded person, I chase the people that hate me. I don’t know why I do it, but I do it.

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Seeking Fluency

Shimmering skin, your bioluminescence effervesces,
cupid eyes and claret cheeks, lips bow-shaped,
your August-boiled blood keeps us both warm
the whole year round…

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