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Embrace of Lands and People

The painting connected with the current war in Palestine represents an embrace of lands and peoples (with reference in particular to Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions). In the work two figures stand out, as if taking shape from the earth from which they originate to unite in a fraternal embrace. The artwork emphasizes the importance of a message of peace in the current historical moment.

Painting carried out in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and inspired by the first peace treaty in history. The agreement established the respective spheres of influence between the Egyptians and Hittites after the Battle of Qadeš (1274 BC). The painting depicts two figures (one Semitic, the other Jewish) who embody two lands, two different cultures and religious traditions in the act of embracing each other as a sign of peace between populations.

2 thoughts on “Embrace of Lands and People”

  1. Breathtaking! This piece shows such depth and heart and love. It touches me yet it’s hard to put into words. Thank you.

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