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Ibrahim Salihu

Ibrahim Salihu writes both poetry and fiction. His work has been anthologized in Reflex Press and published in Brag, Dreich, Ink Drinkers, Words for the Wild and amongst others.


Can I live with the denial of your love?
Patches from codices of parchment, a rich repository of my love.
Today, thy hands committed libricide
and I wonder why these thoughts won’t just go away
— my taboo love or this taboo act?

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Gallows Humor

Across furrowed field, we broke traditions
Playing cowboys and native Americans
Me, Cheyenne nation – eyes like tadpole
Flaunting wool aroc, flaring eagle bonnet, bow and arrow
You, Vacqueros – skinny like beanpole
Parading brogan, bowler hat, baronet and musket…

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