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Vincenzo Cohen

Vincenzo Cohen (he/him) is an Italian socially engaged multidisciplinary artist. He graduated in Painting from Fine Arts  Academy in 2002 and held his first Solo Exhibition in 2005. In 2007, he earned a master's degree in Archaeological Sciences from ""La Sapienza"" University in Rome. Cohen' s work encompasses figurative arts and writing, reflecting his life and travel experiences while exploring various social themes. His art stems from extensive historicalscientific research, focusing on cultural and naturalistic subjects. Over the years, he has embraced diverse experimental styles and media. Cohen's deep passion for nature, ingrained since childhood, motivates his involvement in environmental awareness projects.

Embrace of Lands and People

Painting carried out in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and inspired by the first peace treaty in history. The agreement established the respective spheres of influence between the Egyptians and Hittites after the Battle of Qadeš (1274 BC). The painting depicts two figures (one Semitic, the other Jewish) who embody two lands, two different cultures and religious traditions in the

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