In the Blood

Jenny grows up watching her mother
create magic out of fabric,
a quilt to commemorate every wedding and birth
in their extended family and beyond…


To merit a crisis, we stomach a foreign object,
tide our tongue with grace.
my ribs, lodged into a vessel.
the slow river of my vomit, kayaking…

Freshwater Anemone

grainy black and white photograph of a hand reflecting itself in a mirror in front of a tiled wall. the word, "fuck" is drawn on the palm

Sir, This is a Wendys

dark and moody black and white photo of a man seated in alone in a fast food restaurant

Fantasy No. 3,484

They divorced long ago. Because they never
taught me self-amputation, I cannot deny
parts of them: Freddie wouldn’t tolerate…

Semi-Peeled Orange

black and white photo of a half-peeled orange laying on a weedy ground


Scene: Autumn 1963. HELENA, age 12, dressed in school clothes, peels carrots at the kitchen sink. MOM, 34, stands next to HELENA washing lettuce. …

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What cannot make up a body? It was
sophomore year and we were sculpting a replica of the
Acropolis for our history class…


Stomp pink silk cursive into the dirt with your steel-toe boots and scrawl your new name in all-caps black Sharpie over the left pocket …

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