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In the Blood

Jenny grows up watching her mother
create magic out of fabric,
a quilt to commemorate every wedding and birth
in their extended family and beyond…

Litany of the Once-Perfect Child

How perfect we were/ at birth/ doted on/ Tabula rasa/ grazing on our soft newborn skulls/ Madami akong pangarap para sa’yo/ God forbid/ we learn to be/ own persons…


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  • 2 min read

To merit a crisis, we stomach a foreign object,
tide our tongue with grace.
my ribs, lodged into a vessel.
the slow river of my vomit, kayaking…

Fantasy No. 3,484

They divorced long ago. Because they never
taught me self-amputation, I cannot deny
parts of them: Freddie wouldn’t tolerate…

Let Me Die Writing

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Let me die writing, Mother
When you come to take me home
May you find me flowing ink
May you find me impassioned…


Little details, the least distressing ones maybe, I could utter, would, if my soul quit crumbling, gathering like icicles at the soft of my throat.… 


Mirror, mirror before my eyes,
What are all the lies
I have told myself?
I see you…


There is nothing to give, and there is nothing to take. There is desire and then regret. Desire again and again regret. Always it starts… 


This morning the world is turned upside down. You should not have been born. As usual, the turtle-doves have come to eat on the balcony,… 


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What cannot make up a body? It was
sophomore year and we were sculpting a replica of the
Acropolis for our history class…


Stomp pink silk cursive into the dirt with your steel-toe boots and scrawl your new name in all-caps black Sharpie over the left pocket of…