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Helena Fagan

Helena Fagan (she/her) lives in Juneau, Alaska where she writes on her husband’s commercial fishing boat, on beaches, and in coffee shops. Her mother’s history as a Holocaust survivor, the grandeur of Alaska, and her long career as an educator influence her writing of memoir, young adult novels, and poetry. Her poetry and nonfiction have been published in Tidal Echoes, Cirque, Alaska Women Speak, Ground, and North Coast Squid.


Scene: Autumn 1963. HELENA, age 12, dressed in school clothes, peels carrots at the kitchen sink. MOM, 34, stands next to HELENA washing lettuce. Light pools around them, reflecting the scene in the dark window behind the sink. HELENA I read a book that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s giving me nightmares. MOM What book is that? HELENA It’s

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