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Signed, Your PanBi Seagull

When I say love, I say maybe
                                                & body & mind & smile.

I say hands & laugh & rounded mouths.

When I think want, I think
                                                wrists & factual curves & omitted

I don’t count the ways, but I sigh your name.
There is a bridge between us                                                                                I want to cross.

A decathlon for the blessed—I’d do most anything
                                                          for a little more skin.

To land fist-first like a heroine in the pocket of your impressions.
To weave a veil from each seize that protrudes from lung & hands & bitten down lips.
To admire the tenacity of skin & break down the skeptic’s touch.

It’s your face & pleasure & divine. There is no formula
                                                                           to love like they teach children in storybooks.

There isn’t one
want or spell or
body to define

Until it makes sense for us,

there are                   stone steps                    worth              the trouble.

At the end of the bridge,
a pair of lips cushion a kiss you’ve bartered off Cupid’s bow.

fingers splayed at the right angles                       to receive

a love                                                               that fits & fits & just fits

in all ways.

                                                                                               Signed, Your PanBi Seagull
                                                  named after Engelbert Humperdinck’s song, Lesbian Seagull

Please note that the formatting of this poem may break on small screens, so we have made a PDF version available.

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