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Kayla Martell Feldman

Kayla Martell Feldman (she/they) is a founding member of Sovereign Writers Group and co-hosts Process, a monthly spoken word open mic night. She was a Genesis Poetry Slam winner and has been commissioned by JW3, Canada Water Theatre, Watch Your Mouth, Vashti Media, and The Narcissist Cookbook. Her play WATCHDOG was a top ten finalist for the Titchfield Festival Theatre Playwriting Award 2022. She has had work published by T’Art Magazine, Erato, Fifth Wheel Press, Popshot Quarterly, Derailleur Press, Moonlove, 9VT\5, and been featured on the Dead Darlings and Artists That Work podcasts. Last year she published her debut poetry collection, TIKVA.

ANTHEM (Tertiary)

Conversation flows with the rapid ease of three people who have known each other for a very, very long time, and are used to interrupting each other’s stories to add details or predict the ends of sentences. DYLAN and KIT take deep breaths in unison. Beat. (singing) Beat. Beat. Beat. Transition. Time leaps. It sounds like the way a migraine

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