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Three Poems


A Naiad ran an acacia
ranch in a candid cardiac
ad. An anarchic arch-cad, I
hid rind in hard china chain.
Acid rain char’d cicada. I add: nadir + nadir.
I ran an air raid radar — a cinch.
Chic hair and hard chin, a Rich Dad
can cancan an archaic aria rancid.


As a hero shears a horse’s ass, ere
he hear assessors erase a rose so rare,
he oars ashore, shares a hoarse ear.
See her shoes? Her sores? Or her rash?
She harasses seahorses: “Here, here! Shoo! Shoo!” She
shears her hero’s roar — a rash error. Seers
see, hearers hear. So he hearses her. Harsh.
Oh! Here’s a rarer horror: Eros erases ash.


A sad saddle said, “Add less” sells ads.
I taste a stale Celtic ale teal.
I see a sect, a dial, aces.
I dialed a lass less addled. Dialectical state.
Scalded steel’s telltale scales. Dice stall.
I said, “All dead laid still. Let’s see.”
A sad saddle saddles a less sad lad.
Etc., etc.

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