trick shot [head hand finger twitch]

not a swoosh or a slide or an oh dear
      more like a j-j-j-j     kind of anti-fluidity
  pliant like butter in your microwave, and i know who did it

     pulling at my cuticles    earthquaking
friction between my little digits must be hothothot, OH!
   i’ll tell you what my cousin-in-law said
                                 at dinner

he says “your hands are… nimble!” 
      corbin they are seized by a fucking god now
  my body is weathering these hands are                eroding

but the crackling feels sooo good      needles to the wind
            forgive me girlies my fingers hath sinned
    don’t lose your head                 it’ll go left and right and around

                                     and that’s why it’s called tic[k]s 
no body wants you, yet thou central target is epidermis, bone
          you wanna see the twins in tandem…? [ this is a command. ]


whishwhishwhishwhish       ggggguhguh              CRACK crck
                This has been funded in part by girls at my first college.
                       As theirs were funded by girls in high school.
                                         [and girls in middle school and elementary school and]

the formatting for this piece may break on small displays so it is also available as a downloadable PDF

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