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Sunday Service

red belly / white shelled filled with dirt:

What would you say if I said
I want to be a girl in all the wrong
ways and a boy just the same
29 years to finally meander meaning
“No, that’s my government name.”
A man walks around with a camera, cemetery hand
Do you think he’ll capture me
another tombstone?
water flows toward me these days
a sycamore sheds its skin—we’re all just different
types of snakes / backboneless body

What would you say if I said
I was born wrong and right
hermaphrodite tongue—too much testosterone
intersexing a condition known as myself

What would you say if I said
the holiest I felt was when
his pussy was suction cupped to mine:
two coy fish sucking
each other bone dry from sin

What would you say if I said
my partner’s pussy
is the altar I worship
and spell the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit with my tongue

What would you say then?

Would you say I’ve found God /
saved by sin?

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