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Statues Can’t Breathe

I woke up this morning with a statue
lying on my chest.

Maybe it was one of the Roosevelts,
or just a president, someone like that,
he had a mask on
and also it just wasn’t the best angle,
plus I’d gone to sleep thinking
the earth would stay where I left it.

And I’m not saying
we all need to be cement,
I’m not some secret pigeon apologist,
really I just need some room.
I mean tell me
when they pull you from the rubble
there won’t be some hair in your fist.

I don’t know if you’re aware of the problems
they’re having with AI.
They won Jeopardy and Go
but they still can’t find the right Nazis
on social media. I think it’s because
computers don’t breathe.

It’s like that statue said to me,
I must still be standing
because I never moved.

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