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Onomatopoeia and its Environs


Kinda glad poetry is dead. The New York Times pronounced it. I’d rather speak to the dead in a
dead language, if you know what I mean.

When I say something to Musil now,


                                                            he nods, rather than giving me that befuddled grunt.


Even now, I’m not sure if he understands, or even listens. Enough said. Dead. dead. Dead.


When I got fired from Twitter,

they didn’t know all the bots I had created.
I felt proud like a heinously ugly man anonymously donating sperm. I loved each day
suspending accounts on a whim, or, best of all, letting the tweet stand but robbing it
of any power to be shared or seen (unbeknownst to the tweeter!)
i can still hear all the writhing screams I bottled in old milkman’s glass


                                                                        I called my office The Dead Letter Office
                                                                        and named my computer Bartleby. I read
                                                                        once about free speech absolutism but got
                                                                        too bored to finish. I thought a public square
                                                                        sounded weird.


Adagio? Huh? At this point? Imagine a Murakami character cooking pasta like only they can.


                                                                                                The pusillanimity of boiling


                                                                      O, I like the transmigration of souls there, there
                                                                                                 when B shifts melodic minor

Oh, Lalo. Lalo Lalo Lalo.

That time Federico Garcia Lorca snuck ambrosia into your espresso.

                                                                                    Lalo, Lalo!
Mild remembering
                                                            heavy with forget

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