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An Amanda Doppelganger

how loud should i holler
when you knock me back down
if i concur i belong
here on the cellar floor

how long should i wallow
in my sense of incompetence
when you berate me for
not being or doing more

oh the hallows and shallows
of my once wee gray growing
gentle fontanels of unknowing
and soft valley mapping brain

so dr daddy psychologist
how did you deduce what might
bloom from your first seedling
while watering her with
lies bitterness and shame

oh i stayed so loyal so blue
so blind so true to the notion
that you were broken and
needed me as your anchor

instead you were the weight
that sank me like an albatross
around my negating psyche
as you sucked the very marrow

from my aching pulsating
neck to feed your vampiric
urges til what remained was
an amanda doppelganger

tell me dr daddy psychologist
did you dream of using your
scylla and charybdis to take
down the family you stacked
on prior corpses

i was left
barely there
a shell
a cut-off-tongue —

a shaky-semblance-shadow…

1 thought on “An Amanda Doppelganger”

  1. “i was left
    barely there
    a shell”

    Amanda, your poem is so full of emotions, I can feel it deep inside my soul.

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