Why No Masthead?

Because at launch, this journal is the work of one person. My name is cc bovarisme. Yes, that’s a pseudonym. I’m not hiding my identity. I’m choosing not to reveal it, at this time. I expect I will do so after a few issues, but before that, I hope to recruit some editors and collaborators.

Apart from my name, I will be completely honest and transparent about this project. I’m an older, cis-hetero, white male (he/him). If I were going to deceive you about anything, it would be that. I recognize that my societal status has given me a great many advantages. I have also struggled through a lifetime of mental illness (CPTSD) that resulted from early childhood emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and a violent sexual assault.

I’m a writer and artist with a background in theatre, dance, graphic design, and other things. I have a long history of being an ally and supporter of LGBTQ+ and BIPOC.

I’m nobody. I’m not famous or even well-known. But I’m beginning to submit my writing and art to various journals and projects. I don’t want to create the impression that I’m using this journal to promote myself or my work. I have other outlets for that.

I’m a good writer, editor, and, more importantly, a person who loves to collaborate. I know how to make websites that don’t suck. I have a shit-ton of experience with graphic design and printing. I’m in a position to be able to pay the operating costs of this project. And I love creating things.

This project will not generate revenue. It is a passion project and will always be free. A vanity journal, if you will. I love, love, love, the work of Claude Cahun. She is my muse and inspiration in so many areas. I only discovered her a few years ago, but she has kindled a creative fire in me. I want to use that fire to inspire and promote other people and their work.

I’ll be using the blogging feature here to say more as things develop. I’m leaving comments open on most things, and I also encourage anyone to use the submission form to contact me with any questions, feedback, suggestions, or hate mail.

I am available on Twitter <@existotherwise> and by email <existotherwise @ gmail>.

Ultimately, the best case I can make for why you should stick around and/or submit your work will be in the journal itself. I’ve gotten some wonderful content already for the inaugural issue, and submissions are still open through August 13.

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