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What to Submit

This is Part 1 of a 4 Part Guide to Submitting

Next Up: Part 2 – How to Submit

Our Interests


We are interested in works about identity, the self, and the personal. How do we, as unique individuals, navigate a world that doesn’t necessarily conform to us? What does it mean to be an individual in a society?

How many are you? Are you a single person with a single identity, or do you have the capacity to embody multiple personas? How do you present yourself to the world? To your friends? Co-workers? Lovers? Are you even you?


We are curious about gender. What is it? How can we move away from the restrictions inherent in gender duality? How important is gender to our sense of self? Is gender fixed, fluid, or subject to change? Why is gender important? Is it?

Trauma & Recovery

What hardships have you endured? How have they shaped you? In particular, how have they shaped your sense of self? What obstacles or challenges have you overcome? What obstacles stand in your way? How has society pushed you down, and how have you gotten back up? Have you gotten back up? If not, what do you seek or need to be whole?

Please alert us up front if any content you submit may be potentially triggering, for any reason.

Creative Expression

Why write? Why take photographs? Where does the artistic impulse come from? Does art have a purpose beyond its existence? Is it self-expression? If not, then what is it?

Intuition & Dreams

What are they? Where do they come from? Are these two phenomena related? Do they inform or influence you or your work? Are they integral to your survival as a human being?

Regarding Form

We are not heavily invested in categories, forms, or formats. In fact, we like work that makes us go, “huh?” We use the categories: poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, essay, and script loosely. Mix it up. We will consider visual poetry, photography that incorporates text, or other kinds of mash-up. Think otherwise