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No We Don’t

We opened this journal with the intention of only accepting black and white photography (for visual art). After three issues we have been disappointed in the volume of photography submissions. In a moment of insipidity, we announced we would accept any kind of visual art. But you know what? Fuck that! Black and white photography only. Analog, digital, hybrid, whatever.

  • personal, cultural, mythological
  • experimental, hybrid, surreal
  • casual, informal, home-made
  • defiant, confrontational, genre-busting
  • sensual, theatrical, performance-related
  • masking & identity
  • gender-non-conforming & non-binary

We want work rooted in the self, in your self, your dreams, your challenges, your desires, your struggles. Erotica is fine but nothing too explicit. No horror or violence. All work, of course, must be original. We prefer unpublished but that’s negotiable.

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