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Theme & Prompt

Issue 9 (January 2024)

The deadline to submit for Issue 9 is November 30, 2023.


“I love you. That should be enough for the whole solar system.”

—Claude Cahun


vintage black and white photo of Claude Cahun wearing a homemade and kind of sheesy angel costume. she has large foil wings, and is wearing an odd cap that looks like a fancy bathing cap.she is kneeling on one leg, with theother leg akimbo. her hands are out to her sides exposing her palms to the viewer. she has a serious expression.

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Submission Tips

Don’t be literal! We do not want work that explicitly mentions, or refers to, our theme or prompt. These are meant to be inspirational, not directional.

  • Submitted work does not have to respond to the Issue Theme or Prompt. We give preference to responses, but all work will be considered.
  • You may respond to either the Theme or the Prompt, or both (or neither).
  • You don’t have to tell us you’re responding, but you may (we can usually tell).
  • If responding, use the Theme or Prompt as a gentle suggestion for the mood, style, or content of your work. Does the Theme or Prompt evoke anything in you? If so, try to submit work that may have similar associations or inferences.
  • Prompts exist to inspire. If ours don’t inspire you, ignore them.

If you haven’t already, please familiarize yourself with our Submission Guidelines before submitting work. If you have trouble with the button below, click here (what can I say, shit doesn’t always work).