Theme & Prompt

Issue 2 (November 2022)


“ is not enough for a writer to put an arm in the machine; he has to get in completely.”


Vintage black and white photomontage depicting the artist Claude Cahun's disembodied head in a bell jar. She is looking at the viewer with wide eyes and a stern expression.
  • Submitted work does not have to respond to the Issue Theme or Prompt. We give a slight preference to responses, but all work will be considered.
  • You may respond to either the Theme or the Prompt, or both (or neither).
  • Responses should not be literal. Submitted works do not need to mention the Theme or Prompt explicitly.
  • You don’t have to tell us you’re responding, but you may. (We can usually tell.)
  • If responding, use the Theme or Prompt as a gentle suggestion for the mood, style, or content of your work. Does the Theme or Prompt evoke anything in you? If so, try to submit work that may have similar associations or inferences.
  • Prompts exist to inspire. If ours don’t inspire you, ignore them.

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