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Theme & Prompt for Issue 9

The theme and prompt for Issue 9, to be published on January 13, has been posted to the website.


“I love you. That should be enough for the whole solar system.” — Claude Cahun


vintage black and white photo of Claude Cahun wearing a homemade and kind of sheesy angel costume. she has large foil wings, and is wearing an odd cap that looks like a fancy bathing cap.she is kneeling on one leg, with theother leg akimbo. her hands are out to her sides exposing her palms to the viewer. she has a serious expression.
Claude cahun as an angel.

Through October 13, we are reading work for Issue 8, due in November. To avoid confusion, and to help us spread out our work load, it’s best to wait until after that date to submit work for Issue 9. However, you may do so, provided you make it clear in your submission message (we’ve added a field for this in the submission form).

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