We publish poetry, personal essays, fiction, creative non-fiction, scripts, and photography (B&W only). We prefer work that is odd, experimental, genre-bending, and unconventional.


We pay $10 per published work. We know it’s not much, but as a brand-new journal being funded out of pocket, it’s what we can afford. As we grow, we hope to be able to pay more.

Before you submit, make sure you have read About Us, which includes critical information about the kind of content we are looking for.

Theme & Prompt

Each issue of Exist Otherwise will have a theme and a prompt. The theme will be a quote from Claude Cahun, and the prompt will be a photograph, maybe from her, maybe not. Submissions that respond to a theme or prompt will be given some priority, but we will consider all submissions.


Any style. Maximum length is 500 words. Due to the limitations of html, poetry that requires special formatting may be submitted as docx, pdf, jpg, or png. Assistance with formatting is available after work has been accepted.

You may submit up to three (3) individual poems.

Personal Essays, Fiction & CNF

Maximum length is 1300 words. Emphasis on personal stories, whether autobiographical or not. Make sure you have read About Us.

You may submit only one (1) item in any of these three categories or if your work is a hybrid or defies categorization.

Theatre & Performance

Written works only. Stage plays, monologues, dialogues, or short films. We do not publish videos or animation (at this time). Maximum length is 1300 words. No special formatting is required.

You may submit only one (1) script.


We’re looking for photographs that tell a story. Portraits, self-portraits, photo collages, and photographs of three-dimensional artwork, such as sculptures, assemblages, or found art.

Black & white only. Analog or digital. All images should be 72 dpi and JPG or PNG. (Photos will be published as JPG.) Please submit art that has a MINIMUM long side of 1024 pixels. File size should not exceed 4 MB. Assistance with sizing and formatting is available after work has been accepted.

You may submit up to two (2) individual photos.


Political content is fine, as long as it’s part of a personal story. We are not seeking works that are purely political or ideological. See About Us.

We’re not seeking erotica, but we may accept it if it moves us. No porn. We’re fine with sexually suggestive material but nothing explicit (at this time).

No hate, racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, torture, gratuitous violence, or anything that aspires to cause harm. Let us know if you think we missed something on that list.

We appreciate horror as a genre, but it’s not what we’re looking for.