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“Send More Photographs!”

This title is a film reference. Please let us know in the comments if you know what 1985 movie it refers to.

The reading period for EO Issue 7 is closed. Any submissions received now will be held until our next reading period in October. (October?!? Damn, this year is screaming past me.) The exception is black and white photography, which we are still accepting submissions of until… well, until we have enough.

We continue to receive plenty of great writing submissions but we’re not getting much in the way of photography lately. What’s up with that? Is photography dying? I don’t believe it. Is it too limiting that we only accept black and white? I won’t believe it. I think the problem is a deficiency on promoting and seeking photography on my part. This is me trying to do better.

I hope people don’t think that ‘black and white’ means film photography only. We love film but we also love digital photography. So, please send us some black and white photography.

Thank you,

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