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Open and Reading for Issue 6

I’m back after a hiatus. Had to leave town for a funeral and came home to a crashed computer that took several days to restore. It’s always something!

Substack No, Ghost Yes

As you can see, we’re using Ghost for our email announcements. It may take a few posts to get things configured and operating smoothly. Please pardon any bumps.

Submissions Open for Issue 6

black and white photograph of a nude woman sitting with legs folded back and arms covering her breasts. she is wearing a mask and is sitting on and in front of a quilt
Claude Cahun by Marcel Moore & Claude Cahun

“Masks are made of different kinds of material: cardboard, velvet, flesh, the Word. The carnal mask and the verbal mask are worn in all seasons.”

We’re currently reading and reviewing submissions for the July issue. Deadline for this issue is June 13.

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