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Issue 7 is Near

It’s crunch time for Issue 7. August 13 is the last day to have your work considered for the September 13 issue.


“Indiscreet and brutal, I enjoy looking at what’s underneath the crossed-out bits of my soul.”


vintage black and white photo of a temporary sculpture assembled from found objects. it is a humanoid figure made on its back on a surface of sand, maybe a beach.
assemblage from found objects by Claude Cahun

Sneak Peek…

As a bonus for our email subscribers, here’s a look at our upcoming new masthead/logo (which is still subject to tweaking). The two things that are tentative are the colors, and the star inside the logo. We’re still playing around with variations on those.

Two versions of a Masthead, one in color, and the other in black and white. The image is a rectangular box with a bold black outline, with the (black) words, “Exist Otherwise,” inside it. The color version uses a gradient background, which is orange at the bottom and becomes golden yellow at the top. The black and white version is a solid black rectangle with white letters. Both versions also include a circle superimposed onto of the edge of the rectangle. Inside the circle is a 7 point star, with a small crescent moon in its center. The color version is a black moon, in front of a teal star, on a circular fuchsia background.

The new design was inspired by our discovery of the typeface you see here. I have a bit of an obsession with typefaces, so I’m always seeking out new ones. On a whim, I searched for “non-binary fonts” and discovered, to my delight, a font called nON-bINary! I almost couldn’t believe it, especially because the typeface is so eccentric and aligned with our vision.

nON-bINary is a gender neutral font, a non-binary, inclusive and very esoteric typeface…An alchemical process in which primitive and arcane pictograms become tools of modern communication.

You can read about the typeface and the designer, Ariel Brandolini, in this PRINT Magazine article. The font is available for sale at Design Associati.

Twitter Bad

I’m not going to get into it in detail right now, but we will be closing our Twitter account on August 13. Keep an eye out for more about why, and how we’re going to try to survive in a Twitter-less future. For now, I leave you with this Audre Lorde quote…

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence,
it is self-preservation,
and that is an act of political warfare.“

Leaving Twitter is necessary for my mental health, and for the furtherance of the Exist Otherwise mission.


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