Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore Artworks

Claude Cahun (Lucy Scwhob) is more widely known than their partner and collaborator, Marcel Moore (Susanne Malherbe) but much of their work should be credited to both. The original work was variously attributed to one (usually Cahun), the other, or both. Cahun was the primary model, so it’s reasonable to assume Moore was usually behind the camera for all photos of her. But little is known about how they may have collaborated before and after the click of the shutter.

Caveat on the above. We’re fans, not scholars. You can learn about Cahun and Moore in the book, “Exist Otherwise: The Life and Works of Claude Cahun,” in which all these images, and more, can be found.

The images are presented in no particular order, and there are no titles or captions here. The majority of their pieces are untitled.