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Check Your Email! Check Your Spam Folder! Check Your Privilege!

Updated Jan 2, 1:40 PM PST – The second paragraph below incorrectly referred to Issue #10 notices and acceptances. It has been corrected to say Issue 9.

My covid recovery is mostly complete. Don’t ever say, ‘it’s like a cold.’ It is insidious and I am concerned about long term effects. While in the midst of it, I also stepped on a fish hook and had a tooth fall out. And all of this happened while I was on my ‘recovery vacation’ after months of PTSD symptoms.

The virus also hit me just after I sent out notices of acceptance for #9. Five or six people haven’t responded yet, so as of now, it looks like Issue 9 might be light on content. This gives me an idea that I’m going to try. When declining work that is not a good fit for the current issue, I’m going to save some for potential inclusion in an upcoming issue. There will be some challenges to figure out, but I think I’m on to something.

If you submitted work for Issue 9, you should have heard back from me. If not, please reach out asap. I need to get the PDF proof copy finished by Tuesday!

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