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Changes to Editorial Calendar

If you’ve recently reviewed our editorial calendar, please have another look at it. We’ve made some changes that will give us a little more time for proofing of both, the PDF and web versions of each issues contents. We will now be sending Contributors a PDF proof on the 1st day of the month of publication, and a website proof on the 8th day prior to publication.

I’ve always sent a PDF proof to our Contributors but it’s usually been at the last minute, and I’ve never gotten the website issue prepared in time for Contributor proofing before publication.

As an aside, when I’ve had work at other journals, I’ve never been given the opportunity to proof my work before publication. Maybe everyone else has a budget for staff or proofreaders? I have mixed feelings about asking Contributors to proof their own work. It’s more than reasonable for them to expect proper proofreading from me as publisher. On the other hand, in proofing my own work for years, I recognize that a single pair of eyes is never enough. An even bigger issue is that there are some formatting limitations on websites. This new system will allow me to solicit Contributor’s input in making any necessary changes from the PDF layout. I hope this is fair, and I’m always open to feedback.

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