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Kelly Piggott

Kelly Piggott (she/her) is a lesbian writer and teacher based in Atlanta, and holds an MFA in Fiction from Georgia College and State University. Her writing has been published with If There’s Anyone Left, Dark Horses Magazine, Defunct, Eclectica Magazine, and elsewhere. She can be found on twitter @kellbellhells and Instagram @kellbellhells.

in praise of my happy trail

my body is a hungry maw, bearskin
wired along the mound streaming to coarse
red and thick as my blood. overeager
swim upstream, dark—nearly black—on stark
pale, it is a beast within the flesh machine…

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The Wif and the Weapon

The First Woman grabbed the First Daughterfresh on the chin, just moisturized,spectator and the object,red nails on skin reddened and blade puckered,and there did she say,“Do you think you’re a man?” This is what I know. Scattered not like stars across a canvasdipped in brown paint by the handof the sun—more freckle-brown thanpale, where heat has burned the hairswhich curl

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