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Marta Barrio

Marta Barrio (she/her) “When I was a little girl, my parents punished me without reading. When I grew up, I studied literature and Asian cultures, I became an editor, and a writer.” Fotos y videos de Instagram @marta__barrio.

A Bluish Heart

When my grandmother died, I was pregnant. My mother told the funeral, even though she was forbidden to do so. Good news had to be shared. And my aunts said, “A life for a death,” they kissed me, and put their hands on my belly. When my grandfather died, I was driving on the highway. It was pouring rain, the

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I put my fingers in the hot sand of the dune and close my hand, but the sand disappears between my fingers. I imagine being a gecko, a cold-blooded animal that needs the sun to survive. Everything is red through my eyelids. I sink my hand deeper into that sand, which burns when I walk on it. Beneath this earth

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