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Amy Nash

Amy Nash has lived in every northern state between Massachusetts and Minnesota except for Wisconsin and Michigan, resulting in brackish poetry that mixes the Mississippi River with the Atlantic Ocean and everything between. Her poems have appeared in a range of journals and anthologies, including If Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee Poems and The Heart of All That Is: Reflections on Home. She has given readings on Minnesota Public Radio and at various venues and events regionally and nationally, including Bowery Poetry in New York City. She is also the author of an original poetry blog.

New Skin

  • Amy Nash 
  • 1 min read

When I heard my epidermis ticking like a time bomb.When I heard him whispermy name as he touched the soft parts.When I heard my voice say “no.”When I heard no one else around.When I heard his laughter in another room.When I heard the trainrumble along the tracks outside.When I heard it takes 27 days for it to renew itself,and I

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