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Emma McGill

Emma McGill (she/her) is a creative from the Canadian prairies, currently studying English at the University of Regina. She spends her spare time listening to and playing music, reading, and writing in as many mediums as she can, including poetry, fiction and non-fiction stories, and articles. She is the first Canadian recipient of the Irene Adler Prize and contributes as a music writer to Yuvaah magazine. She loves to hide her niche philos- ophies and experiences in fiction and make the truth more approachable in non-fiction, experimenting with pieces of inspiration as they strike her.


I’ve tried to say this before, in the wrong ways.  Everything is real until it becomes true.  Like standing straight up in my corner-enclosure shower in my first apartment, and I feel the water running down my back. I know the temperature has changed because it runs under my scalded feet, but I don’t notice the burns until I look

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