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Lillian G Lippold

Lillian G Lippold (they/them) is an interdisciplinary writer obsessed with Place and Queer Utopia. Minnesota-born and SoCal grown, they’re now NYC-based and have been published in many university pubs and other mags. Find them on Tiktok (@libraryoflil- lian) or Twitter or Instagram They definitely love you, too.

Sex in Public

We open on a colorless, colorful expanse. Something like a void perhaps, in the way it hangs onto emptiness and fullness at once. The stars are a long ways away, leaving the space feeling freeingly private.

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Desert Snow

The first snow happens quietly, midnight on a Sunday. It tells no one its whereabouts, and before it shows itself, we wait with the frustration of bored soldiers, premature coats and scarves. With the snow, we stand, crouched before the windows, somehow wide-awake again. He chews Trident peppermint gum, and we are there together, before the window, the window that

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