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Elizabeth Gade

Elizabeth Gade is a Minnesota based bisexual poet and human trafficking survivor. Writ- ing is her radical way to connect with fellow survivors. Her poems have been published in View Magazine, The Elevation Review, 300 Days Of Sun, Other Worldly Women Press & more. Elizabeth created LEO Literary Journal, an online journal dedicated to women writ- ers affected by incarceration. Connect with her on Instagram @ElizabethGadeThePoet

The Letting Go

Skin taunt like over ripe fruitvelveteen under your mouththe way it eventually yieldsand splitswetly against the guillotineof your teeth I yield to your sharp edges I yieldI yield there is an openingin the cosmic imprint of timeand I fall through burrow beneath thelayers ofgristle and fleshthe tendons strung tightas your maniathe muffled drumof womb and pumping blood the silence between

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