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August Hawley

August Hawley (he/him) is a trans man from Michigan who writes about gender, grief, hope, and where they intersect. Outside of writing, he works as a caretaker and spends his free time taking photos, making art, and learning instruments. He was previously a blog- ger for Sunday Mornings at the River, and has appeared in their Spring 2022 anthology, as well as their 2023 Poetry Diary.

kids these days pray for cures to opportunity cost

for Malakai how would their parents reactif they knew what these children were doing at night? in the hidden safety of rehearsals, of group chats,of school lunch tables, they’re swapping names, rearranging the alphabet together,hypothetically trading limbs and shapes and silhouettes and wondering what it would take to livea life that fits, to wear skin like skin and not a

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