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Reyna Berry

Reyna Berry (she/her) is an actor, writer, and current high school senior in Virginia. She has loved storytelling from a very young age and will be studying theatre and literature in college. Reyna has received one Silver Key and five Honorable Mentions from the Scholas- tic Writing Awards and has published work in Reveille literary magazine, ARTEMISpoetry, and The Closed Eye Open. Her poem “Season of Red and Gold” was selected for reading at the 2021 Poe Film Festival. In February 2023 she wrote a blog post for Arena Stage’s The B-List, called “What is Voices of Now?” Reyna Berry Website

The Lioness Builds a Sand Castle

Scene One The Lioness sits on stage in the sand.Her tail flicks.She yawns.The Lioness scoops sand into a bucket. SUNWhat are you doing, Lioness? The Lioness turns the bucket over onto the beach. LIONESSI am building a sand castle. SUNWhy? LIONESSBecause the waves created the sand from the rocks and the rocks from the earth and the earth from the

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