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This page is mostly for the internal purpose of tracking our Themes and Prompts, but it can also be visited to see what prompts are coming in the future. No promises about how often it will be updated. Presumably once a month, but…

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are by Claude Cahun. Artwork is by either Claude Cahun or Marcel Moore or both (it’s not always clear who was behind the camera on their many collaborations).

Volume II

Issue 8 November 2023


Issue 7 September 2023

“Indiscreet and brutal, I enjoy looking at what’s underneath the crossed-out bits of my soul.”

Volume I

Issue 6 July 2023

“Masks are made of different kinds of material: cardboard, velvet, flesh, the Word. The carnal mask and the verbal mask are worn in all seasons.”

Issue 5 May 2023

Under a rain of blows, the rebellious child shook with laughter, exposing his throat; not one so much as touched him.

Issue 4 March 2023

“I want to change skin: tear the old one from me.”

Issue 3 January 2023

Issue 2 November 2022

“It is not enough for a writer to put an arm in the machine. They have to get in completely.”

Issue 1 September 2022

“I am in training. Don’t kiss me.”

self-portrait of Claude Cahun dressed in a costume. she has exagerated make-up and short hair that is flattened in curls across her forehead. on her shirt are the words, "don't kiss me, I'm in training"