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Archive: Theme & Prompt

This page is mostly for the internal purpose of tracking our Themes and Prompts, but it can also be visited to see what prompts are coming in the future. No promises about how often it will be updated. Presumably once a month, but…

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are by Claude Cahun. Artwork is by either Claude Cahun or Marcel Moore or both (it’s not always clear who was behind the camera on their many collaborations).

Volume II

Issue 12 – September 2024

“In everyday life, we waste words and gestures because we have time to lose and no one is looking, but the actor, a thousand eyes follow his movements and he has only an hour or two to transmit the drama that he performs, it is therefore indispensible that he act and speak with the greatest economy, on stage no waste, nothing must be lost.”

Vintage double self-portrait photograph of Claude Cahun, an andorgynous bald person depicted twice: once faceing left and one facing right. It's as if the person is looking at themselves in different bodies.

Issue 11 – May 2024

“The rule interests me only for its leftovers with which I make my swill.”

Issue 10 – March 2024

“Never hold back on green to the detriment of red, the sky to the detriment of blood…”

photo of an assemblage by Claude Cahun depicting a small stick figure wearing a green sweater and a brown beret. there is a red heart shaped box on its chest. the figure is holding a stick with the Queen of Spades playing card attached to it. there are other spade cards assembled at its feet, and a Joker card is propped up at the base.

Issue 9 – January 2024

“I love you. That should be enough for the whole solar system.”

A faded and marred vintage black and white photograph of a sculpture assemblage. The image is of a small wooden artists figurine. In one hand, it holds a large, old fashioned key. Their other hand rests on the handle of a small, upturned sledge hammer. There is a strong shadow of the figure and hammer on the background. There is also a small black star shape resting against the background at the base of the shadow of the hammer.

Issue 8 – November 2023

“Follow my example: Stay at home and eat wool.”

Vintage photo of an art assemblage by Claude Cahun. Inside a glass dome sits a faceless wooden human figure. On its head is what appears to be a paper plant. In an outstretched arm, it holds what might be a chiffon bird. Outside the dome sit two small turtles and two small toy heads. The image is mysterious and whimsical.

Issue 7 – September 2023

“Indiscreet and brutal, I enjoy looking at what’s underneath the crossed-out bits of my soul.”

Vintage black and white photo of an art assemblage by Claude Cahun. A small human shaped figure created by a variety of found objects is laying spread-eagled on sand. The individual pieces are hard to identify. Of note are what looks like a tiny spear impaled into its torso, and what might be a vulva scratched into the sand between the figures legs. The image is curious and ominous.

Issue 11 – May 2024


Issue 12 – July 2024


Volume I

Issue 6 July 2023

“Masks are made of different kinds of material: cardboard, velvet, flesh, the Word. The carnal mask and the verbal mask are worn in all seasons.”

vintage black and white photograph of Claude Cahun sitting on a thick quilt. she is wearing an eye mask and is nude. her arms are folded in front of her chest with her fingers clasping her shoulders. her knees are together and her legs folded back.

Issue 5 May 2023

Under a rain of blows, the rebellious child shook with laughter, exposing his throat; not one so much as touched him.

A plant with large leaves in a small pot. Nestled in among the leaves are several tiny plastic baby figures, who appear to be frolicking.

Issue 4 March 2023

“I want to change skin: tear the old one from me.”

black and white photo of a cement column, sticking up from the corner of a stone wall. there is a pair of arms emerging from two holes within the column, making it appear as if the arms belong to the column. the fingers of each hand are splayed open.

Issue 3 January 2023

vintage black and white negative photograph of a chest of drawers. an adult sized woman is sleeping on the chest. she is dressed in what appear to be children's clothes. the words, "The Anguish of Sleep," are super-imposed on the image.

Issue 2 November 2022

“It is not enough for a writer to put an arm in the machine. They have to get in completely.”

black and white photograph of a bell jar with what appears to be the head of ClaudeCahun perchedinside of it. her eyes are open wide and she is wearing dark lipstick.

Issue 1 September 2022

“I am in training. Don’t kiss me.”

self-portrait of Claude Cahun dressed in a costume. she has exagerated make-up and short hair that is flattened in curls across her forehead. on her shirt are the words, "don't kiss me, I'm in training"